Carnell Raceway : The first committee meeting held by the Stanthorpe & District Sporting Car Club was held in 1969.The following year the first official race meeting was held the following year.The track was originally around 800m in length an attracted a huge following of touring cars for the clay based circuit.The track was made by local contractors ,businesses, committee members and drivers who worked tirelessly for months on end to ensure that the first meeting was a success.The track remained relatively unchanged for many years until the early 1990s with the circuit increased in length to 960m ,had a 200m drag strip implemented into the main strip and the clay surface was replaced with asphalt.The track has 20 days a year for racing which is divided into 5 drag meets,  3 short circuit meets, 2 motor bike meetings and 2 Club Days .  More information will be added as time progresses.